X-ray view under the hood.

Client Vandewiele
Services Digital Experiences
Expertise Video Production 3D / Motion Graphics Immersive Events Projection Mapping
Industry Textile


When Vandewiele, a world player in industrial textile machinery, calls on us for support, we don’t hesitate. An important fair, ITMA, was the perfect opportunity to showcase their new machine: a beast that runs at 2500 rpm. Sadly, that beast was nearly impossible to transport from Belgium to Italy. Even if the machine were up and running at the fair, the company would have to find space to store 16 kilometres of fabric. A perfect opportunity, they said at Vandewiele, to prove to colleagues and competition that a digital presence can make just as many waves as a physical one.


Potential buyers are curious creatures, and they want to know more about the machine than meets the eye. So we printed a real-size technical drawing on the wall of the booth, with a screen on a slider in front of it. When you moved this screen over a specific part of the sketch, the parts of the machine located there would pop up. Sales reps walked their lead through every little detail, showing the parts in 3D, flipping and turning them around. They gave them a peek under the hood that was more detailed than if the actual machine would be present. Curiosity satisfied!


A technical tour de force

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the hardest to build. This time, even the idea was complex, so go figure! We used an Unreal Engine to show the application we built on the sliding screens, each 35 inch and interactive. The tricky part was showing the right asset when hovering over the technical drawing—when dealing with machine builders, there is no room for error. Per interaction, you can see every detail of a certain asset, manipulate it, turn it around, or watch a 16x9 video to understand how this piece fits in the entirety of the machine.


Little room for errors

We worked closely with the technical department at Vandewiele. Their technical CAD drawing were the basis of our models, ensuring everything on the interactive screens was 100% correct. A fun challenge, but a challenge nonetheless. Just like the immersive room. To make sure all digital experiences ran smoothly at the fair, we were present from start to finish with technical support and making final tweaks. A week in Italy that will not soon be forgotten, and most importantly, a client that gives us freedom and knows how to give feedback. Fantastico!

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