Orange x VOO
A virtual mixer & merger.

Client Orange x VOO
Services Metaverse
Expertise 3D / Motion Graphics Metaverse Virtual Worlds Virtual Events
Industry Telecom


Orange and VOO, telcom operators on both sides of Belgium’s language border, are merging. An event that couldn’t go unnoticed and could do with a little celebration even. Let’s see those hands! The friendly people of Balthazar Events were responsible for the launch that was to take place in Paleis 12 in Brussels, hosting all the employees of both brands for some live mixing and merging. But people traditionally have trouble with change, so some attention had to be paid to the pre and après of the party. What better place to ease into the future than the metaverse? We couldn’t agree more.


Balthazar Events had the fabulous idea to work with a Metaverse integration. They asked us to build a piece of metaverse that could help guide employees through the transition. We answered by building a virtual world, based on Balthazar’s initial design concept, that’s a perfect marriage between Orange and VOO: a safe space for employees to roam freely, digest the information, and get to know the other side of the story. 

We created Kit, a gender-neutral avatar, to host visitors throughout the experience. From the moment employees enter the world and build their own avatar, Kit is there by their side. They guide you to the expo, showcasing some history and background info. On the night of the event, they preside as the master of ceremony, and afterwards, Kit becomes the guiding light into the future of the joint company.

By building their own virtual world, a perfect collision between Orange and VOO, a safe space for employees to roam freely, digest the information, and get to know the other side of the story.

Ready, Player Me

We gave a lot of love and attention to the user experience. The choice to work with Spatial was an obvious one. Why? Because it allows us to make the world accessible from all devices. Working with Ready Player Me for the avatars also opens up the possibility of reuse, because it’s such a popular avatar creation platform.  

We are especially proud of Kit. We built them from scratch, put a voice actor in the studio with a camera on her face to track every small detail and motion, and then processed all that data with a powerful AI model. Some post-production here and there and BAM, we just made a new person! And a very agreeable one, if we may say so ourselves. 

From the concept to the designs and development, we were free to experiment, as long as the job was done in time and glitch-free. Now that’s the type of collab we like: a lot of freedom combined with a lot of responsibility!


A bright future ahead

We paid extra attention to merging the two signature styles and color palletes of both brands. “Fusing” those two in a way was symbolic of what was to come: days before the event, more than 12k employees went to explore this virtual world—no doubt a success. Orange and VOO plan to keep using it as a meeting space, hosting gatherings on the top floor maybe? Or updating the educational boat ride with new developments to inform their teams. 

Key takeaway? Change is only tricky if you don’t pay enough attention to it. By giving all employees (virtual) space and time to ease into the idea, both companies made a master move. 

As for you, if you need your own virtual world, give us a call. Ditto if you want your personal AI-powered avatar.

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