Mini Aceman
Maxi immersive.

Client MINI BeNeLux
Services Digital Experiences
Expertise Art Direction 3D / Motion Graphics Video Production
Industry Automotive


MINI developed the MINI Aceman: their vision of mobility materialised in a car. The Aceman travels the globe, inspiring people, and showing their version of electric driving. But seen as there is only one Aceman on the planet, it needs special protection from all too enthusiastic visitors or curious hands. Think bodyguards, a glass display case and more than social distancing. How can you see the inside of the car then, you ask? That is exactly what MINI BeNeLux asked us. We answered: with a big-ass immersive experience showcasing the interior of the Aceman, for everyone to enjoy. 


Everybody knows it’s the inside that counts. At least when it comes to matters of the heart. But aren't cars a matter of the heart too? For MINI, they definitely are. They want to share that love for car design, aesthetics, and technology with as many people as possible. But how can you share something precious that needs protection? An immersive room made up of 25m2 in LED walls, showing the interior of Aceman in 3D was our idea. That way, the virtual version becomes even more real than the real thing. 


Star Trek, but make it better

The iconic circle-shaped MINI dashboard functionalities are repeated and expanded in the Aceman, a design feature we used as the backbone for the 3D visuals. In the car, the information shown in the circles can be swiped and projected onto the entire dashboard—very Star Trek. There are three different driving modes: personal, pop-up and vivid. The latter fades the boundaries between driving and gaming altogether. At MINI, they understand very well that personalisation and gamification are the pillars of customer centricity and experience in the future. And that people dig cool sh*t. 


Complicated and creative  

A car as protected as the Aceman isn’t very available to study and examine if you want to remake it in 3D. Luckily, MINI gave us enough creative freedom to rebuild the 3D interior from scratch. Anybody who knows us, knows that this is right up our alley—big challenge, lots of freedom. MINI is widely known for its courage and love for creative explorations, and we can personally vouch for that now.


Crossing borders

In one month’s time, we moved from start to finish with confetti. It was a lot of work, some heavy rendering, installing and finishing the LED room—but it paid off. Our installation will travel beyond Benelux borders in the future. Other MINI venues and events will be able to display a condensed version, showing the interior to the exterior world with MINI Global. A fine collaboration indeed, and luckily an open-ended one.

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