Rocky & Lily.

Client RTBF
Services Digital Experiences Metaverse
Expertise Video Production 3D / Motion Graphics Metaverse Virtual Worlds
Industry Entertainment


Yes, we built another Roblox world!
Say you’re a national broadcasting channel and have a hit show that kids love. It’s centred around two characters: a girl called Lily and a bear called Rocky. The both of them talk about games, review them‌ and play them on the show. So what’s the logical next step in building the audience (i.e. happy kids with a love for all things Metaverse)? You build your own world and game, on Roblox, and invite all the kids over for game night‌ — every day, after school.


Basically, this is a case that’s all about eyeballs on the one hand, and creating an extension of the real world on the other. This venture into the metaverse is a way for RTBF to create a second layer on top of their TV shows and popular YouTube videos. What we were after was a virtual reality that felt familiar to the kids, a place where they’d want to hang out. So we gave them a Rocky & Lily game. 


In the box, for once

As soon as kids enter C’est dans la boîte—that’s what the Roblox world is called—they’re in the middle of the Rocky & Lily studio they know. They find themselves on the conveyor belt, where large presents pass by; together they open one — prompting a portal to open up. The kids can jump right into this portal, like some silly Power Rangers, and start playing games. The client chose educational games, which develop memory, agility, calculation, logic and team spirit. They did some research and selected only the most enjoyable and popular minigames Roblox has to offer.

“Learning and having fun, can go hand in hand with Rocky & Lily. To translate that into Roblox was the challenge for yondr, a challenge they brought to a good end. The most impressive part is how the replica of our studio truly came to live, and is accessible to all kids to play the game of their dreams.”

– Aurélie Martinez Y-Tirado, Project manager RTBF


More worlds coming

The world looks super cool, constructed off all these fun mini platforms. And for the kids, the incentive is huge, because the last kid standing after all the minigames are over, gets the most points in their account. Game on. This RTBF world, we’re happy to announce, will soon be open and each year, we’ll build add-ons, expanding on the game with new levels and giving the kids ever more reasons to hang‌ out. We’ll be receiving loads of user feedback, meaning we'll be able to tweak the existing world to sheer perfection, and build on that knowledge for whatever the future holds. Have we ever mentioned how much fun our job is? (Loads!)

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