EU Commission
Science is wonderful.

Client European Commission
Services Metaverse
Expertise Art Direction Design Virtual Events
Industry Government


Science is wonderful. We couldn’t agree more. Sadly, the yearly event by the same name hosted by the European Commission was counteracted by COVID. Renowned for being generous in scientific novelties, chance encounters and a rare occasion for different departments or domains to finally meet—the organisers felt they couldn't just cancel this meetup. In came yondr, with our knack for virtual events.


We didn’t want to start from scratch and happily advised the Commission to use HyperFair, a virtual event space, plus a little help from us, obviously. Because HyperFair is an amazing tool, but just like an event venue in the real world, it can do with some personalisation. We translated and implemented Science is Wonderful’s brand identity into HyperFair and built a complete virtual fair with boots, pavilions, a downloadable brochure, and personalised posters for every exhibitor.


A shared vision

The collaboration went smoothly and the joy was shared when the event turned out to be a success. HyperFair and yondr make a good team as well. In tandem, we took virtual event management to the next level. 3 days, 10000 visitors, 11000 conversations, 3500 cards exchanged and more international encounters than ever. Is it the same thing though? No, but it doesn’t have to be. We learned that a virtual event has its own strengths, and we prefer to build on that—a vision we shared with the client.


Same same

You can log in, dress up your avatar, walk around the fair, visit your favorite university or go check on the progress of that one scientist with his mad research topic. Walking around, you can collect brochures and goodies in your basket to download at the end. Sure beats carrying them around while trying to eat something and talk to long-time-no-see friends at the same time.

We produced a similar event for other customers during the pandemic and happily added virtual event management to our offering. In need of a virtual hand? We’ll guide the way.

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