Mini Cooper Electric
An electrifying launch.

Client MINI BeNeLux
Services Digital Experiences
Expertise 3D / Motion Graphics Generative AI Creative Direction
Industry Automotive


A year ago, at the Belgian Motor Show, the automotive world witnessed the first teaser of something electrifying. The new Mini Cooper Electric. This year, it’s ready to reveal the car. Full-blown, brand new and absolutely awesome. And so they needed a launch that would be nothing short of spectacular. Enter yondr, the creative powerhouse. We dreamed up The Mini Mind Generator, an interactive experience that blended AI magic with brand awareness, all while keeping the Mini Cooper Electric in the spotlight.


Launching the Mini Cooper Electric with a bang wasn't child's play. We had come up with the concept, and harmoniously integrate cutting-edge technology. People could have their picture taken and be served a series of images back of themselves and the new car in inspiring settings. A trip to the Eiffel Tower? Sure! Winter wonderland? Or something spacey? We got u. And all of this, without stealing the show from the star of the event, the Mini Cooper Electric. And what looks and feels mighty smooth for the user, was actually pretty cutting-edge and challenging for us (nothing but love for the techies in the back!). We used two graphic cards simultaneously for real-time AI image processing — to ensure that each transformation was as smooth as a freshly paved road. A set-up, we called our rendering-monster, that really pushed the boundaries of what you can do with AI.


Like two minis in a pod

It was a collaboration that felt like the perfect dance - yondr partnered with CityCubes, who brought hostesses, wardrobe, and charm to the table. Meanwhile, total-e handled the technical nitty-gritty, ensuring that the technology performed flawlessly. The client was on top and not afraid to jump into the wondrous world of AI with us. Another piece of evidence adding to their already impressive brand image.

Making mini memories

The Mini Mind Generator was the star of the show at various December events, including shopping centers and Kinepolis cinemas. It embarked on a roadshow, making waves in Antwerp, Brussels, and beyond. It was an experience that left an indelible mark, blending technology and artistry, and offering attendees an unforgettable memory.  This project was an electrifying success, there's no denying that.

"MINI is on the brink of the largest product innovation since its relaunch in 2001, which made it crucial for us to showcase the message 'Nice to meet you again' in very public places. The AI concept fits perfectly here, as the setup stands out enormously and attracts attention. The fun factor in seeing yourself from a different perspective fits exactly within the 'Nice to meet you again' and 'BIG LOVE' strategies of the brand."

– Stijn Vermeulen, Marketing Manager MINI

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