Drive-in the future.

Client McDonald's
Services Digital Experiences Virtual Reality Augmented Reality
Expertise Video Production 3D / Motion Graphics Augmented Reality Immersive Events
Industry Hospitality


McDonald's is organizing its biennial worldwide convention, marking the first time it's held outside the US in Barcelona this year. Expecting 18,000 participants including franchisees, suppliers, decision-makers, and staff, the convention promises to unveil the plans of McDonald's with grandeur. The event will feature star-studded performances, showcasing the global reach of McDonald's. And if you wonder, like us, what the menu looks like? Two McDonald's restaurants will be constructed within the convention space.

The team at McDonald's approached yondr with a request to create an interactive experience showcasing three potential building designs for their restaurants. The objective is to demonstrate the types of buildings that can be erected, and the space required for each. As yondr we love to explore the added value of spatial computing, and this case lent itself to it perfectly.


The challenge in this case lies in creating a mixed reality application for the Apple Vision Pro, to be accessed from wherever and built a translation of the application for iPad, to be used at the show. Today, the first Apple Vision Pro apps are being launched, so our developers had to dig into the specifics of this new device. For every new technology, our team makes it their personal mission to master the ins and outs ASAP. Something to do with professional pride, perhaps? This project was no different. 


Clear direction and creative freedom

McDonald's demonstrates a proactive approach to technology, being one of the first global brands to experiment with the Apple Vision Pro, and not just as a gimmick, but generating real added value through new technology. The collaboration has been smooth and efficient, with McDonald's providing clear direction while allowing creative freedom. The perfect combo, if you ask us. Their commitment to sustainability and technological advancement underscores their innovative ethos, and that makes working for them feel a little like shaping the future itself.

"Yondr have been fantastic partners, bringing to life in a short period of time, a highly immersive interactive AR experience that pulled attendees right into the restaurant models."

– Stephen Douglas, McDonald’s VP Global Restaurant Design


Apple Vision Pro

With the Vision Pro strapped on, you can launch the McDonald’s app and see a pedestal appear out of thin air. The finely designed platform shows a miniature plot with a McDonald's restaurant and its direct surroundings, roads, cars, but also the drive-thru and some trees. A floating menu allows you to toggle between three building types and with the tap of a finger they start to build, from the ground up. You can then walk around, peek inside, and experience what the real deal could be.

We chose to work with Unity and c#, instead of working directly with Xcode and Swift, to remain flexible and be able to run the app on non-Apple devices. The eye-tracking and gestures, so famous for the Apple Vision Pro, are an entirely new ball game. Every menu has to work in a fully 3-dimensional space and aside from the API’s, the documentation Apple provides is still a bit meagre. Enter our developers, who tried, tested, tried and tested again. And succeeded, as they do.

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