Club Brugge x Unibet
CPR in AR.

Client Club Brugge
Services Augmented Reality
Expertise Art Direction WebAR 3D / Motion Graphics
Industry Sports


For years, Club Brugge has invested time, money, and effort in their No Heart, No Glory project, taking up what they feel is their responsibility as a pro club. The main focus is the awareness and prevention of heart failure in football. As their shirt sponsor, Unibet joined in to help the team make as much impact and, thus, save as many lives as possible. We helped them lift the project to the next level, building an AR experience that fans run on their phone, and training them to perform CPR. Combine the medical knowledge of KULeuven, Club Brugge and Unibet’s reach, and you’ve got both a dream team and big results.


Unfortunately, it's not uncommon to hear about an incident where a player had heart failure in professional football, even in young teams. Sadly, these incidents all too often have tragic endings. With the right intervention, though, these players could be saved. The problem is not a lot of people know how to perform CPR, and just a few have the courage to step in. This AR experience had to give fans both the knowledge and the confidence to help a victim. 


It’s a win-win-win-win

There were a lot of players at the table, each with their own strength. This calls for some meticulous coordination, but the result is much the richer for it. Translating KULeuven's scientific knowledge into an easy-to-use AR experience was a challenge: we wanted to keep it simple, they wanted to be thorough. We wanted time to perfect the design, and Club Brugge wanted to launch ASAP. Just your regular project challenges, really. Since everybody was on the same page regarding the importance of the project, we made it work between us.


Hitting the studio

To build this AR experience, we hit the MOCAP studios (where we also brought to life Camille). This time our designer Dave got to put on the sexy motion suit. Lucky for him, once the real pumping on the chest began, a CPR dummy took his place and sexy outfit. KU Leuven distinguished eight steps in the CPR process, so the experience walks you through them, carefully explaining each one.

We opted for webAR so the boundaries between the environment—whether it’s home or at the stadium—and the lessons would fade, and it runs on any device. The AR shows the viewer a victim, right there on their kitchen floor. To add to the experience, we developed some gamification elements, like tapping the screen at the same pace one should press the victim’s chest, so they really get a good feel for it.


A lot to gain

The possible gain in human lives is so big, we had to make a joint effort. This experience is part of a bigger plan to reduce the lives lost on the field. As we’re talking about actual human lives here, the possible impact of the project is immense. Even if it’s only one life saved, it’s all more than worth it. Before an A-game the players took to the field in a special shirt, that said ‘No heart, no glory’ and four booths were set up to inform and engage fans with the AR experience, motivating them to join the #isavelives movement. Because, well, everybody can save a life. 

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