Cara Pils
Brewing Machine.

Client Colruyt Group
Services Augmented Reality
Expertise Art Direction 3D / Motion Graphics WebAR
Industry Beverages


Colruyt, the supermarket, isn’t famous for its creativity, with one exception: the cheapest, most famous house brand in their stores. The brand that every self-respecting student knows all too well. Cara pils, an icon in Flemish culture. Colruyt developed two new flavours for their beer—Blond and Rouge—then called on us to make the launch as iconic as the brand itself.


The customer gave us all the creative freedom we wished for. While that sounds fun, it’s a challenge in itself, because what do you do if everything is allowed? You get Dave on the team: our creative director, co-founder and creative whizz. Together, we came up with an almost bizarre idea, one that would definitely spark conversation and definitely hadn’t been done before.


This is one of many projects we’ve done for Colruyt. Although ‘working for’ Colruyt doesn’t really sound right. It’s working ‘with’ Colruyt. They are a dream customer and a dream team to collaborate with. A lot of freedom, a lot of responsibility, just the way we like it. Who said corporates couldn’t be fun?


A beer-brewing
slot machine for a hat

Imagine somebody having a beer-brewing slot machine on their head and when they open their mouth, a can of Cara comes flying out. Oh wait, you don’t have to imagine! You can just use the AR activation we developed.

Colruyt loved the idea, we loved building it. Besides the aspect of madness (you have a beer-brewing-hat on your head) the new flavours are brought to stage in an original way; whenever you open your mouth, another flavour comes poppin’ out. A human-beer-slot-machine! Yes, this is what happens when you let us have our way.

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