RBFA x Proximus
The Perfect Match.

Client RBFA x Proximus
Services Digital Experiences
Expertise Video Production 3D / Motion Graphics
Industry Telecom / Sports


This year the Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA) moved its headquarters to Tubeke. All things to do with Belgian football would find their new Heimat there. With the end of the relocation in sight, their proud sponsor and provider, Proximus, wanted to make the inauguration extra special. Seen as they provided the site with the best internet a man can get, we thought it was time to test some heavyweight immersive tech experiences. First-class holoboxes were installed with your favourite player performing tricks and juggling that ball as if they were standing right beside you.


Proximus — one of our favourite clients, we dare say — was looking for a partner to add an extra layer to the inauguration in Tubbeke. A lot of fun and fancy people attended, from influencers to ministers; the perfect setting to make an impression. As Proximus provided both fibre and 5G on the site and decided to give us all the creative freedom we wanted, there were no limits to what we could do. (You see why we like’m so?) 


Creatives running a tight ship

When the sky is the limit, the ideas become crazy, and the execution can become a real challenge. But who doesn’t love a good challenge? In this project, for us, it was the organisation of it all. We needed a lot of high-quality content, but our ‘actors’ didn’t exactly have the time for an elaborate shoot. The key was preparation and communication. Getting our wishes across to the players and planning everything in detail in advance. Oh yeah, and we tried not to be starstruck in the process or to drop our camera and show off some ball tricks ourselves. Thank heavens we could resist the urge.

“The players really came to life in those holoboxes. They looked super real, and that means something coming from me. Nice job!"

– Roberto Martinez, coach of The Belgian Red Devils


Hollo at me!

After some mad brainstorming, we decided to try and bring the players to life. Because isn’t that what it’s all about? The game, the players, the fun. Three holoboxes would be installed strategically along the visitor's route.

A holobox is a magic piece of tech, combining transparent LCDs, background lighting and tactic positioning to create the illusion of a 3D visual being in the room. Imagine De Bruyne giving some killer assist right next to you or Evrard making a golden save and then welcoming you to the premise.

In post-production, we added animations and an extra layer of illusion that emphasises the vital role 5G, and Proximus play in advancing immersive technologies. Thanks to our team of magicians, the content came to life. Even Martinez was impressed.


Bringing Qatar home

Whoever thinks tech is fleeting hasn’t worked with good content yet. Now that the inauguration has passed, Proximus will use these holoboxes as an activation during the WorldCup on several strategic locations.

Not all of us can go to Qatar, obviously, so Proximus will bring the players to us. Think Fanvillages, events or your favourite café. An almost real-life Tielemans, right next to the big screen. If you can imagine it, we can build it!

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