Odette Lunettes x Tom Boonen

Client Odette Lunettes
Services Metaverse
Expertise Art Direction 3D / Motion Graphics NFT Design
Industry Fashion


All good things come in threes. In this case we have sports, fashion and technology. Or better even: Tom Boonen, world class cyclist, Odette Lunettes modern eyewear brand and yondr. An ambitious trio that wanted to explore the possibilities of NFTs, virtual fashion and high-level collaborations. Odette Lunettes and Tom Boonen launched three variations on a fashionable and functional eyewear design. We developed an NFT to enhance this collaboration. The result? A collector's item in the making.


How to stand out as a fashion brand in the age of social media? How to create value when everything is digital? Eline De Munck has tried to answer these questions with her brand Odette Lunettes, always looking for the next innovation to test and explore. The challenge was to design a digital work of art that could stand the test of time yet find its rightful place in the fast and modern world of fashion.


Odette Lunettes and Eline De Munck are a dream to work with. She wanted to dip her toes into NFT waters. Find out first-hand what the fuss is about. Know how she could turn the fuss into something fashionable. Eager, ambitious and geared up with an entrepreneurial spirit that will go a long way. Kind of what we hope to be.

All good things come in 3's

Odette Lunettes x Tom Boonen
Frame Black — NFT01

Odette Lunettes x Tom Boonen
Frame Blue — NFT02

Odette Lunettes x Tom Boonen
Frame Kakki — NFT03


A collector's item in the making

Our creative director and partner Dave Roox made a design that will be up for auction as NFT from the start of de Ronde van Vlaanderen up until the finish of Paris Roubaix. Up for auction is a digital artwork and proof of ownership of a 3D printed bust of Tom Boonen, flanked by one of the three eyewear designs. Value doesn’t become more tangible than this.

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