Big Four Consultancy Company
Time to Act.

Client Big Four global consulting
Services Augmented Reality
Expertise Art Direction Design WebAR
Industry Consultancy


When the global pandemic struck, a major consultancy company turned to us to keep their teams up and running. They were one of the first wanting to use AR to bridge the gap between colleagues. So we gladly developed an exclusive AR launchpad for them to communicate. It was a whole other universe in which the employees floated around as astronauts from planet to planet. Of course there were other virtual meeting options, but an AR intergalactic outer space does beat the Hawaii filter background. The platform we built was a real delight during times when the world was no bigger than the walk from the kitchen to the living room. And back.


Through video calls, we established a shared vision and a storyline with the client. Smooth user experience for the employees was key here, which is why we went with a solution that required no installation. Team members had to be immersed in a whole other realm, not in technicalities. We prioritised gamification and interactivity, linking the company's employee communication platform to the 8thWall WebAR platform, which is a powerful online AR platform that works on all devices.


Milky Way,
yes way

The client gave our creativity free rein, so boy we were in high spirits. Why recreate boring meeting rooms when VR allows you to create a galaxy that would leave NASA baffled? We gathered an impressive team of 3D artists, developers and a creative director to oversee the narrative. All hands on deck to create a journey next-to-real.

Since BYOB is pretty pre-pandemic, we call our strategy rather BYOD: Bring Your Own Device. So the employees needed next to no hardware to join the experience. Walking through a portal, they got tossed into an interactive cosmos with voiced walkthroughs. Different planets uncovered deeper meaning to the company's path, with a bumpy road in the past and light shining bright in the future.

Augmented Reality

Trust grounded
in expertise

The client knew our expertise in VR and AR and put lots of trust in our knowledge, resulting in a plain sailing collab. Due to the pandemic, we were obliged to work from home through video calls. But the client knew where they wanted to go, communications were clear and excellent project management on both sides resulted in a successful experience after four months.


A spark of light in dark times

The AR experience on the mobile platform generated loads of engagement from the employees completing the game’s assignments. Winning a competition was an incentive  to submit the craziest space pictures.

The campaign had high engagement rates—because goofing around in an interactive cosmos beats the four walls of your quarantine quarters any day. Doesn't it?

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