Driving the Transition.

Client Apeiron
Services Branding Metaverse Virtual Reality
Expertise Art Direction Design Virtual Worlds
Industry Sustainable Chemicals


Apeiron makes the world a better and greener place, helping businesses adopt sustainable practices when dealing with chemicals. So far for their job, making their clients understand how they do it, is ours. We designed a brand identity that was comprehensive and compact, with lots of clear illustrations and animations. We also went on to set up a glue-platform for the Apeiron team, enabling them to collaborate outside of the boardroom.


When we say “sustainable chemicals management”, chances are you’re lost already. And that was our challenge right there. Apeiron are superheroes in charge of guiding businesses in chemicals legislation. We’re just the sidekick, making all that knowledge apprehensive even for the layman. We cooked up an extensive rebrand strategy with very clear visuals, in which we turn technical matters into snackable pieces.


Cognitive trust
grounded in expertise

Trust is the driving force behind the Apeiron-yondr team. Apeiron looks to us as a partner in their path towards evolution and revolution. That’s why they turned to us to custom-fit their website, and from our specialization in virtual reality, we have introduced them to the world of virtual collaboration.


Eco-friendly, user-friendly,

What Apeiron deals with, isn’t rocket science. But it comes pretty close, so we designed a visual language that captured Apeiron’s knowledge in a clear voice. That meant the whole package: a logo, iconography, animations, a corporate identity, a website. User-friendliness was priority number one, so the company’s knowledge was graspable for any website visitor.

Save the world,
and look great doing it

We elevated the rebranding with a digital-first approach and defined how the design can stretch across the entirety of brand touchpoints, from digital to physical. Ultimately, we created a comprehensive visual language that gives the brand legs and helps differentiate it from the competition.

Virtual meeting room


We took care of what things looked like on the outside, and made them easier on the inside. Apeiron wants to make a difference and work towards a circular economy. In terms of their organizational focus, the virtual reality world is off their radar—yet, it fits beautifully with their mission.

As real-life company meetings were out of question during the pandemic, we needed to bring the next best thing possible. We decided on setting up Apeiron for the meeting of the future, using the glue-platform. You guessed it: virtual meeting rooms from the comfort and safety of your own house.

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