Smart Cities.

Client Digipolis
Services Branding
Expertise Design 3D / Motion Graphics
Industry SaaS


As a smart city that values innovation, the City of Antwerp has advanced digital services in place—tailored to the needs of its residents, businesses, visitors, students… Digipolis, Antwerp's IT partner and our client, makes sure everything runs smoothly. Their motto: “Together we know more.” Their bedrock: ACPaaS

ACPaaS’ two-pronged challenge

number one

ACPaaS, or Antwerp City Platform as a Service, is a platform that offers microservices and APIs, developing nearly all IT-solutions for the City of Antwerp and keeping a much needed oversight and rigorous standards. Quite the mouthful. Digipolis asked us to brand the state-of-the-art platform that is ACPaas—to make it more appealing, understandable, without ignoring its complexity. And so we did.

number two

Keeping in mind that the components we came up with might have to be animated one day, we provided ACPaaS with a nifty style that easily converts into 3D. We’d almost say they’re future-proof. But we don’t do the buzzword bingo.

The works

the complexity

We created a design system, a logo, a brand style guide, campaign visuals, technical visuals. The works. We even made a set of icons to help communicate the layers of complexity and interconnectedness of all services.

Navigating the complexity was our main job. Next, translate it into something a five-year-old can handle. Almost, anyway. We created components that stand alone, but also make up a story when you put them together—just like ACPaaS and its building blocks.


Scalable, to boot

Our approach was systematic, our design modular. Now, Digipolis has room to roam, shift focus or change tactics without having to start from scratch. Their mission is more understandable and if they ever want to translate it into an animation, we’re more than ready for it.

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