Yondr's Team Retreat: Building Bonds and Boosting Impact

Jun 27, 2023 - min read min read

Last week we took a step back from our usual routine to focus on something vital to our success - our team. We swapped our home offices for a three-day retreat in the great outdoors, trading virtual meetings for face-to-face conversations and shared experiences.


Because to create immersive content that helps brands make an impact, our team needs to stay connected. This is especially crucial in our 'work from home' reality, where physical distance can sometimes feel like a barrier. It may sound fluffy but there’s massive value in recognizing each other's strengths and complementing each other’s less-developed skills.

Our retreat was about more than just relaxation and fun (although there was plenty of that!). It was about cultivating our team culture. We believe that (immersive) content has the power to create culture, and culture creates impact. 

We ate good food, played games, got lost, conquered the Fast Tag gods, and simply chilled and connected around the campfire. 

At yondr, we focus on quality over quantity, and this philosophy extends to our team interactions too. Our retreat wasn't about packing as many activities into three days as possible; it was about creating meaningful experiences that would strengthen our team bond.

We know that strong team culture isn't just good for morale - it's good for business too. So, here's to team yondr and to creating immersive experiences, cultivating a powerful culture, and making a real impact, one retreat at a time.