Yondr launches platform featuring brand new courses and editorial on VR

Mar 14, 2019 - min read min read

High-level online courses created by company from Beveren helps people  “Explore, Immerse and Learn Virtual Reality.”

Austin, TexasMarch 14, 2019 VRTL launches its course platform to help video professionals and filmmakers as well as virtual reality enthusiasts around the globe learn about VR.

A brand-new field, virtual reality is starting to take off. Last year saw a production (Spheres) command a seven-figure deal for the first time. Hollywood A-listers are starting to dabble in VR, including Alejandro G. Iñárritu who won an Oscar for the virtual reality project Carne y Arena in 2018.

While there are still milestones to overcome, VR/AR is on the verge of going mainstream with the convergence of the smartphone, mobile VR headset and AR glasses into a single XR wearable. This will necessitate significant and meaningful VR content and the talent to produce it.


With few schools offering instruction in the new medium, VRTL steps up to the plate with courses designed to help those curious about VR or those wanting to make the transition from video or traditional filmmaking.

VRTL is a both an online editorial magazine and education platform. The Academy offers several types of courses ranging from introductory to hands-on skill courses, all led by accomplished professionals and/or award-winning creators. The Magazine runs stories, profiles and interviews with international makers & creators and hosts podcasts with top leaders in the industry, such as Nicolás Alcalá, Liz Rosenthal, Canaan Rubin, to name a few.

Magazine articles and podcasts are free and the Academy uses a pay-per-course model with special plans for schools & large corporations.

VRTL is a new venture of yondr, an immersive media agency from Beveren, Belgium founded by Dave Roox, Mathias Van Dosselaer, and Pieter Van Leugenhagen. Yondr has been a VR pioneer since 2014 and the Academy was built as an internal onboarding tool to develop VR skills currently lacking in the marketplace.

After discussions at more than 20 global events, colleagues and competitors from media, entertainment and advertising showed interest in yondr’s concept for knowledge development. VRTL was then conceived as a full-fledged brand, with a separate user experience and business model to meet the industry need.

Co-Founder Dave Roox says, “We want to help VR creators not make the same mistakes we did. By providing guidance from the best, accomplished professionals on storytelling, technique and workflow, we hope to prepare VR makers the world over in this exciting new medium.”

“The market will continue to expand,” believes Co-Founder Pieter Van Leugenhagen, “with standalone VR headsets like Oculus Quest offering more freedom and generating more interest in the creative possibilities.” The need for expertise in how to transfer skills from the traditional video to VR/360 will grow, too. “VRTL will help with high-quality content and a great look and feel that is both affordable and easily accessible.”

Van Leugenhagen is at SXSW in Austin, Texas to launch VRTL during the virtual reality section of the film track at the world’s largest innovation festival.



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