Women's Day 2022

Mar 8, 2022 - min read min read

See the good, do the good

This may be the umpteenth blogpost about Women’s Day today. Good. The sooner we make ‘equal’ the default setting, the sooner we can stop writing blogposts on the subject.

See the good, do the good is a value we uphold at yondr. And as luck can be as scarce as money, we decided to invest ours in those who need it the most. So in honor of International Women’s Day 2022, we decided to set up a campaign. Pro bono.

We joined forces with Plan International Belgium. Why Plan International, you ask? Because we like working with them so much, and most importantly, the way they see the world aligns with ours.


ARt for equality

To give you an idea of how far off the mark we still are from equality, we talked to Nadia Aimé. Once homeless, she is now a Cybersecurity expert at Microsoft and an ambassador for Plan International. We brought her together with artist Charlotte De Cock, set up a painting session, and overlaid the result with Augmented Reality.

Here's how. Open this link on your phone.
Scan the painting on the left and tap on the image to start the experience.

Want to make equal the default setting yourself? You can buy a limited edition print of the painting by contacting corporates@planinternational.be. We’ll make sure the proceedings go to Benin, where Plan International is helping 34.000 pupils find their way to school, especially girls.