Why Apple’s spatial Personas are a workspace revolution

Apr 4, 2024 - min read min read

Imagine this: you’re sitting in your home office, or maybe at your kitchen table, and suddenly, your colleague pops in. Not through the front door. No, they just appear, right there in your room. Sounds like sci-fi, right? Wrong. It’s Apple's latest marvel, the Vision Pro, making this a reality.

Breaking out of our collective zoom box

We’ve all been there, stuck in the endless cycle of Zoom calls, trying to catch that vibe of real, in-person collaboration. Not even being able to look each other in the eye properly. Zoom works, sort of, but it’s like eating a meal without being able to taste anything. 

Apple’s stepping in with something bold, something fresh—spatial Personas. This isn’t your grandma’s video call; it’s about putting the presence back in telepresence.

Using the Vision Pro, avatars—officially referred to as “Personas”—are no longer flat characters on a screen. They’re in your space, thanks to some seriously smart tech. And with spatial audio, you can hear them as if they’re moving around you. It’s aiming to get us as close as possible to the real deal, to working side by side, even if we’re continents apart.

The future of remote work, now

This isn’t just about upgrading our tech toys; it’s about reshaping how we connect. The way we consume content. The Vision Pro might just be the nudge we need to move from the draining video calls to something that feels a lot more... human. Ironic, I know, for something so “techy”. 

Imagine brainstorming sessions that feel like everyone’s in the room, or virtual coffees that are more cozy chat, less awkward silence.

Sure, it might feel a bit strange at first. There’s of course plenty of early users that found the Personas a tad uncanny, even creepy. But, let's be honest, all groundbreaking ideas have their initial problems. 

The wheel wasn’t built in a day, right?

Embracing the new normal

What we’re looking at here is a game-changer for remote work. It’s tearing down the walls of traditional work setups and asking us to imagine a world where collaboration knows no bounds. This is where flexibility meets productivity, where your team’s spirit isn’t dampened by miles of distance.

As we dive into this new era, let’s keep an open mind. Yes, there will be hiccups. 

Moments that feel a bit too futuristic for comfort. But remember, the best innovations often do. 

They challenge our norms, push us out of our comfort zones, and, ultimately, lead us to discover new horizons.

So, what’s next?

Apple’s Vision Pro and its spatial Personas are here, not just as another tool in our digital toolkit, but as a signpost to the future. A future where how we work, collaborate, and connect transcends physical spaces and opens up a world of possibilities.

Let's lean into this change, explore its potential, and maybe, just maybe, find that it brings us closer together in ways we hadn’t imagined. The workspace revolution is here. And it’s inviting us all to be a part of it.

You ready to step into this new dimension?

Or perhaps you want to explore what this tech could mean in growing your business?