What’s the tangible impact of immersive experiences on customer behavior?

Jul 10, 2023 - min read min read

Well, we dove into some research and we found the Capgemini Research Institute report on consumer behavior and immersive experiences.

Some interesting stats:

1. 46% of organizations that have implemented immersive technologies have seen a double-digit ROI. 

2. 82% of these companies met or exceeded their expectations. This suggests that customers who experience a brand's immersive experience are more likely to engage with the brand, leading to increased sales and profits.

3. 48% would be willing to switch from a brand that doesn't offer an immersive experience to one that does.

4. 47% of consumers would be willing to use immersive technologies to assess products and services if it meant they could reduce their visits to stores or other physical locations.

5. 77% believe that immersive experiences will affect how they engage with a brand after purchasing, using, and servicing their product.

These stats underscore the transformative impact of immersive experiences on customer behavior. They also reveal a clear shift in consumer preferences towards brands that offer immersive experiences.

In an era where physical store visits are becoming less frequent, and brand loyalty is increasingly hard to secure, immersive technologies provide a compelling solution. They not only offer a unique way for consumers to assess products and services but also significantly influence how they engage with a brand post-purchase.

What are you doing to secure your brand’s future?
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