The Shift in Brand Strategies: Market Dynamics We Can’t Escape from

Jun 30, 2023 - min read min read

At yondr - immersive media we help your brands build deeper, better, and new connections to your audience, your community, your fans. But do you know what every single brand out there has in common?

They all have to start shifting their acquisition, activation, and engagement strategies to appeal to younger generations. Whether the brand is AFC Ajax, JBC or Tomorrowland...

The following market dynamics affect ALL of them:

Social media and video games are neck and neck, with consumers spending around 13 hours a week on the former and 12 on the latter. That's a lot of screen time!

Gen Z is swapping the TV remote for the game controller. They're spending more time in virtual worlds than watching TV. Wanna connect with younger audiences? Go where they are spending their time.

Passive entertainment is so last decade! The average person now spends 4.3 hours a day actively reading, playing, or creating content.

Gen Z is not just consuming content; they're creating it. Nearly 75% of them are actively creating digital content. User-generated content (UGC) will be at the very core of the future creator economy.

Gaming is only going to get bigger. Game content is popping up on non-gaming platforms, with Nintendo's Mario Bros adaptation becoming a major box office hit. Meanwhile, Fortnite and Roblox are hosting live events and partnering with big brands. The lines between gaming, entertainment, and brands continue to blur.

Virtual worlds are no longer a sci-fi concept. Will we experience a Ready Player One-like metaverse by next year? Nope. But virtual worlds are offering much-improved engagement opportunities for consumers and brands alike.

Do you (or your brand or sports club) want to stay ahead of the game? We’ll get you set on the right path, no strings attached.