Say hello to spatial car sales

Apr 17, 2024 - min read min read

The car dealership. It's a relic, isn't it? 

A museum of chrome and leather trapped in an era of limited information and passive consumption.

We’ve been consuming 3D content (your cars, your showroom, your brochures, etc.) on 2D screens for a long time now.

So it only makes sense that that's also how we built customer experiences up ‘til now.

Luxury car brands, however, have a chance to rewrite the narrative. 

How so? Spatial computing. 

It’s a fancy term for the 3D digital layer of content we add to the real, physical world. It throws open the doors to a future where the showroom fits on your desk. Or in your dealership’s showroom. Or, who knows, in your pocket.

The idea is to turn customers into active participants, instead of passive viewers as they purchase their dream cars. They slip on a headset and bam! They're now interacting with a 3D version of “their” car. In actual 3D. A playground of horsepower and prestige.

This is about customization, about seeing your vision come alive. Want those fancy artisan wheels with the limited-edition paint job? No problem. Spatial computing lets you see it all in breathtaking 3D, whether it's projected onto your driveway or hovering above your coffee table. 

Suddenly, the car isn't just a brochure of features and options on wheels. It's a statement piece visualized in your world. Park it virtually in your driveway. See how it fits your aesthetic. This isn't just a car, it's an extension of you, and spatial computing makes that connection real.

Because guess what? 
Luxury thrives on experience.
On a feeling of exclusivity. 

Imagine giving your customers the option to explore every stitch of the handcrafted leather interior, and the intricate details of the dashboard, all from the comfort of their own home. The Apple Vision Pro uses spatial computing to put the power in the customer's hands, letting them become intimately familiar with the product before they ever set foot in a dealership.

This isn't science fiction, guys.
This is the future, and car brands that embrace it will win. They'll create a tribe of passionate customers, people who don't just buy a car, they experience it! They'll be the pioneers, the ones who rewrite the rules of car sales and leave the brochure-wielding dinosaurs in the dust.