Roblox or Fortnite? What’s right for your brand?

Mar 20, 2024 - min read min read

Why do brands like L'Oréal, Skechers, BMW Group, JBL Professional and Mastercard invest in building virtual worlds experiences? Are Roblox and Fortnite gaming platforms or are they the next evolution of social networks?

What does it mean for innovative brand engagement?

With Roblox's 71.5M daily users and Fortnite's staggering 100M monthly users, the message to brand leaders is loud and clear: Virtual worlds are where the future of consumer engagement lies.

But navigating this vibrant landscape requires insight and strategy.

Roblox offers a universe of creativity, drawing in brands like adidas and Burberry to create immersive worlds that resonate with a younger audience. On the other hand, Fortnite provides a dynamic stage for brands such as Ralph Lauren and Marriott International to craft unforgettable experiences that go beyond traditional advertising.

Brands often ask us "Should we build on Roblox or Fortnite?". There's no singular answer for everyone. It's about aligning your brand's narrative with the unique ecosystem each platform offers. It's about understanding your audience, what you want to build, and what your brand's goals are.

The future? Well, AI and e-commerce are making their way into these platforms. That convergence is set to revolutionize how brands interact with consumers, making virtual worlds not just spaces for play but hubs of innovation and commerce.

For brand leaders, the challenge is to leverage these platforms to create experiences that are not just seen but felt and remembered. Let your clients, your consumers, your customers really experience your brand.

Want to see how your brand can use virtual worlds to improve consumer engagement?

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