Ricardo Laganaro: “The Brazilian Award-Winning VR Evangelist”


Ricardo Laganaro: “The Brazilian Award-Winning VR Evangelist”
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Nov 20, 2019 - min read min read

Ricardo Laganaro is one of the most innovative filmmakers in Brazil, partner and Chief Storytelling Officer at ARVORE Immersive Experiences. His many-sided knowledge blends live-action, stop-motion animation, computer graphics and writing. Ricardo Laganaro entered the immersive world directing a full dome experience for Museum of Tomorrow in Rio. During 2016, he has directed 360º musical and advertising projects that sum more than 60 million views. At VR Days, we had a brief talk with Ricardo discussing the state of VR in Brazil, his role in ARVORE and the story behind “The Line”.


The 12-minute interactive VR film follows the story of Pedro and Rosa, 2 miniature dolls in love with each other. It has been directed by Ricardo Laganaro, Arvore’s chief storytelling officer.

Laganaro explained in a press primer that his goal with “The Line” was to create a film that would only work in VR. “The story needs the user to exist,” he said. “The interactions help the evolution of the story, as metaphors of the themes and mirroring the emotional curve of the narrative in the user’s body.”