Rafael Pavon: “Narrative Structures in Immersive Storytelling”


Rafael Pavon: “Narrative Structures in Immersive Storytelling”
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Jan 20, 2020 - min read min read

Rafael Pavon is an award-winning Creative Director and Producer at AtlasV, the production studio behind Spheres, Gloomy Eyes, Battlescar, and Vestige. Rafael started as Director and Creative Director for virtual reality in 2015 at VR studio Future Lighthouse, where he worked on 30+ VR productions from idea to delivery, creating award-winning original content from scratch, like Melita and Ray, and also working with partners like Sony, Oculus and HTC on projects like Campfire Creepers. After Future Lighthouse, Rafael Pavon joined the Disney-backed company Jaunt in London as Creative Director and worked as a freelance immersive director for projects such as the World Monuments Fund. In this episode we talk about the career and productions of Rafael, about the friction points of VR and how to solve them.


In this exquisite VR experience, it is 1983 on a cold night in Woodland City, and being a zombie is still illegal. Like all of his kind, Gloomy is hiding in the forest, away from bounty hunters. The night is quiet, but Gloomy still tries to stay out of sight. He doesn’t feel comfortable around others of his kind. While bitterness plagues the city, he strives to find a balance in his mysterious dual nature.


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