Michel Reilhac: “Monetization of XR Content is Key for Mass Adoption”


Michel Reilhac: “Monetization of XR Content is Key for Mass Adoption”
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Jul 15, 2020 - min read min read

Michel Reilhac is a narrative architect and long-time transmedia and immersive media pioneer. He’s is known as a leading international expert for innovation in hybrid storytelling across participatory, interactive and immersive experiences. As the Head of Studies at the Venice Biennale College and one of the XR competition curators for the Venice Biennale International Film Festival, Michel is regularly invited to speak and teach at major international events, including the Cannes International Film Festival, SXSW, Tribeca Film Festival, and many more. In our podcast Michel talks about the opportunity of hybrid film festivals and the reason why monetization of XR content is key for mass adoption.


As a speaker and educator, Michel is renowned for his comprehensive and critical understanding of the immersive media landscape, as well as for his focus on innovation in the creative development and application of narratives—not only in film and television, but in broader media and communication contexts, where new storytelling practices are disrupting conventional models. In his teaching, Michel focuses in particular on enabling filmmakers to find a platform for fresh and daring stories that deserve an audience. He strives to allow artists to appropriate XR as a new art form and focuses on immersive storytelling as an artistic medium. Listen to what Michel Reilhac has to say about monetization of XR content is key for mass adoption in our VRTL podcast.