Light Sail VR: Interactive Stories are Both Art and Process


Light Sail VR: Interactive Stories are Both Art and Process
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Apr 24, 2019 - min read min read

The two Co-Founders behind Light Sail VR and makers of Speak of the Devil (the VR horror project that embraced multiple outcomes) spoke with VRTL about the art of narrative in virtual reality. Matthew Celia & Robert Watts put in serious hours to thinking about how to tell a story and what effect presence and perspective will have on viewers. They share their insight and findings with us in their usual friendly and engaging manner.


Matthew Celia is a creative visionary with over a decade of experience spanning technology, film production and entrepreneurial endeavors. Celia fuses his knack for crafting authentic narratives and technical prowess across all sectors of VR production to create compelling cinematic storytelling. His work has amplified the impact of immersive content for such top brands as Conde Nast Entertainment, Refinery29, Paramount Pictures, and Google Small Business, among others.


Speak of the Devil VR is a live action, horror narrative that fuses cinematic visuals with game-engine based interactivity. Awoken by a nightmare, you find yourself alone in your tent. A couple has set up camp uncomfortably close to your campsite. They are looking for something ancient. Undeterred by rumors of cult worship, and the various missing-persons reports over the years, they set off into territory clearly marked ‘no trespassing’. Compelled by an urge to follow, you set off to explore this isolated forest. Speak of the Devil is available on the Oculus Store for Oculus GO, Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Daydream.


An early adopter of the evolving VR medium and innovator in multiple sectors of the entertainment industry, Robert applies over 10 years of diverse experience spanning the agency, management and content development sides of the industry to his role. His ability to master the art of creating and selling intellectual property and assess business and creative needs in today’s marketplace has attracted a roster of top clients including Google, GoPro, Paramount Pictures, among many others.