How to Supercharge your Safety Training with VR

Mar 13, 2017 - min read min read

Virtual Reality has plenty of useful real-world applications, but no use case is as strong as the one for safety training. It’s the perfect environment for safety exercises that are unattainable because of steep costs or their hazardous nature. Thanks to the popularity of VR, you’ll be able to provide top notch virtual safety training in an affordable and sustainable way. So what are you waiting for? Start reaping the benefits of VR today.

Three Reasons Why You Should Start Today

High-risk training becomes feasible and cost-effective

Nuclear power plants, literal minefields, you name it: most safety trainings are no picnic. These high risk operations cost a pretty penny and usually take weeks, if not months to plan. Thanks to VR’s popularity, hardware costs have gone down significantly and thanks to the repeatable nature of the product, you can provide safe, cost-effective trainings in ways that just weren’t attainable before.

Knowledge retention improves compared to traditional training

Naturally, you wonder whether VR training is as effective as traditional training. The HCI Lab at the University of Udine was wondering the same thing and the results are in: VR significantly improved test subjects’ spatial awareness, overall knowledge and long-term recollection. This means you can actually provide better training in a safer environment with the help of VR.

Failure becomes an opportunity to learn

High-risk safety trainings are really stressful, but thanks to VR, trainees as well as instructors can breathe easy: making mistakes is no longer a problem. Better yet, it’s an opportunity to accelerate the learning process by repeating the same operation a couple of times in a row. Fail fast, learn faster.