François Fripiat: “The Essence of Spatial Sound in VR Storytelling”


François Fripiat: “The Essence of Spatial Sound in VR Storytelling”
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Jan 7, 2020 - min read min read

François Fripiat has been a sound engineer for over 12 years. He worked in many different fields such as sound design, audio mix, and he’s been a sound supervisor for many different animation films, feature films, documentaries, etc… Passionate about spatial sound for a decade, François Fripiat founded the company Demute, a creative sound studio dedicated to new media (XR / Video Games / Immersive experiences). Demute is focusing on tech by developing new technological tools to improve immersion through sound. Our VRTL podcast host Pieter Van Leugenhagen will dig deeper to learn the different aspects within spatial sound and how it contributes to the storytelling of a cinematic VR experience.


We’re launching a brand new spatial sound course that will give you a broad perspective on the whole field of spatial sound and will focus on the tools and methods you need in order to get the work done. 


  • Course Basics

  • Hear360 Plugins

  • Facebook 360 workstation

  • Mics

  • Work Methods

  • Bonus

Our course caters to everyone from filmmakers to sound engineers and even rank beginners. We treat all participants as one because the world of VR is completely different than traditional 2D, and so are the work methods. We designed the course to be easily accessible, so don’t worry if you’re starting from zero on some fronts – we’ll help you build your knowledge and skills and get the most professional results. 

We designed our spatial sound course to simplify the big tech into work methods and tools, so you could get things done in the most professional way. But we also give you the opportunity to join us in the front line and build this new world of sounds from all around. So bring your headphones, and get ready to blow people’s minds! 

Want to learn more? Read more about our spatial sound course!