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Feb 12, 2020 - min read min read

Today, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have become a significant part of operations in businesses, the economy, and society worldwide. These new technologies have completely revolutionized and enhanced the way companies manage their work more effectively and quickly while creating amazing new experiences.

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What will you learn in this eBook?

  • How VR and AR will affect the economy

  • How VR and AR facilitate organizations by transforming the way they work, how they engage with and inform their customers, how colleagues communicate with each other, and how they boost their revenues

  • Tips from industry figures on how companies can take advantage of VR and AR by taking the necessary steps as soon as possible

  • Practical use cases: how VR/AR can add value to your business

Understanding VR and AR

Virtual reality or VR is a simulated experience of the real world through a digital device, such as a surrounding display or headset. It immerses users and allows them to interact in a fully digital environment or 3D world that is filmed in a 360-degree video or generated through the computer.

Augmented reality or AR is a type of virtual reality technology that presents digital objects, media, or information in the real world through a headset or smartphone. These elements are displayed as 3D objects or flat graphic overlay images.


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