Amy Hedrick: “The Straightforward Solution of Cleanbox Technologies”


Amy Hedrick: “The Straightforward Solution of Cleanbox Technologies”
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Nov 14, 2019 - min read min read

Amy Hedrick is CEO and Co-Founder of Cleanbox Technology. As a thought leader providing insights into the immersive technology, she brings solutions and innovation in smart tech hygiene. Having led multiple teams from project inception and execution through profitable completion, she has proven herself an effective leader in diverse venues over the past decade. Most recently, Amy was Manager of Content and Digital Media for the think tank division of Li and Fung, a leading global consumer goods sourcing and manufacturing company based in Hong Kong.

Her expertise includes conducting bespoke research and C-level reports within technology, retail, and cross-genre applications. Amy was one of four writers for the Fung Business Intelligence Center (FBIC). Previous to that, Amy’s focus was on content creation at the intersection of entertainment and education.