A Toe-Curling Evening

Mar 4, 2022 - min read min read

If you know us a little, you know we’re all about virtual reality. Why fly across the world for a meeting? Why build an expensive booth at a fair? Why even bother putting plants in your office when they’ll die anyway?

The pandemic was as shitty for us as it was for you, but remote or hybrid working didn’t upset us, we’ve been doing it for ages. We’ve become experts at determining which activities survive the move to the screen, and which don’t.

For instance, we’re rather confident a team meeting shouldn’t be held in teams. That’s why, as soon as the Gods of the pandemic allowed it, we wanted to put on some pants and go someplace, together, with your colleagues, and go build that team.

Paintball? Bowling? A city tour? We’ve done the rounds. We wanted to team build where nobody had teambuilt before. That way we’d all be equally helpless and awkward—sure helps the bonding. Hence, we went curling. And we have been promoting it like a bunch of loonies ever since. It was a lot of fun. And if we learnt anything over the past two year, it's never to underestimate the importance of fun.

Some key curling take-aways for all you out there who want to give it a try:

  • It’s a sport

  • Therefore, it improves core stability, the key to a successful and healthy lifestyle. 

  • If you happen not to have any limbs, or brains for that matter, you can still join in. It’s very inclusive.

  • Ending the game with a tie, we were the living proof that playing trumps winning.

  • If you add pizza and beer to any equation, the result will be ‘fun’.