Company Culture Matters
Van Hoecke

The Belgian family company Van Hoecke has been a furniture industry partner since 1967. As a distributor of hinges, lift systems, and drawer systems for the Austrian brand Blum (for kitchen and interior builders), Van Hoecke has been the market leader for years.

To Van Hoecke, innovation is an essential company value and their ongoing investments in technology and automation reflects this. As a result, the company is growing year after year.

Also important is the belief that company culture matters. It tells potential leads what Van Hoecke stands for. It sets expectations, making it easier to decide if Van Hoecke is a good fit. To show why Van Hoecke is at the frontier of technology, yondr has produced a 360 VR video so people can visit places where they're usually not allowed...

AR/VR - Animation - Art Direction - Creative Direction - Directing - Editing - Motion Graphics


Immersive Media


Grote Markt 19
B-9120 Beveren


Carrer s’Illa Plana 9
Illes Balears, Ibiza

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