We need you to...

Transform design ideas into practical experiences.
Communicate effectively with UI/UX designers to implement user interfaces.
Communicate effectively with 3D artists to implement animations.
Build the most amazing interactive VR/AR experiences
Coordinate and work with UX/UI designers, 3D artists and the production teams to achieve goals.
Participate in all aspects of the project life-cycle, from design through release.
Establish strategy and development pipelines.
Ensure productions conform to high industry standards.
Help establish an innovative culture.
Conceptualize big ideas that will raise the creative bar.
Contribute to building the Yondr global brand.


Have at least 3 years of Unity experience in a professional development team.
Have a Masters's degree in Computer Science.
Have extended UI building ability.
Know the rules of game development.
Have experience with agile and test-driven development.
Have experience in virtual reality.
Have strong NET/C# skills.
Have Javascript skills.
Knowledge of HTML5 is a plus.
Know how to work with Android Studio.
Speak and write fluently in Dutch and English.


Encourage you to develop & grow personally and in your job.
Give you the chance to work in team & achieve common goals supported by a solid strategy.
Offer a salary in line with experience and commitment.


Immersive Media


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B-9120 Beveren


Carrer s’Illa Plana 9
Illes Balears, Ibiza

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