We need you to...

Conceptualise big ideas that will raise the creative bar.
Transform design ideas into practical experiences.
Problem-solve and work together with the Creative Director.
Be essential for all projects requiring captivating visual effects.
Implement, manage and follow an efficient workflow and production pipeline.
Participate in all aspects of the project life-cycle, from design through release.
Coordinate and work with UX/UI designers, 3D artists and the production teams to achieve goals.
Ensure productions conform to high industry standards.

Think collaboratively.
As a vital member of the team, you work alongside other talents to bring a project to life.

Communicate effectively. You know when to speak up, what to say, how to say it–and why it’s essential–from the concept development process to the technical detail management. You feel comfortable guiding clients, explaining needs to external vendors or mentoring colleagues.

Contribute to building the yondr global brand.
Be eager to cultivate a fulfilling career at yondr.


Have at least two years of building complex web experiences for mobile, desktop and tablet.
Have a strong visual aesthetic and sense of animation design.
Have solid experience in 2D & 3D graphics
Have experience with WebGL/Three.js and shader programming.
Have a deep understanding of Javascript and Object Programming in general.
Have experience with Designer-Developer tooling/workflows.

Show interest and/or have knowledge in WebVR/AR R&D.
Feel comfortable with modern front-end tooling & actively seeks an understanding of new ones.
Are an animator par excellence, knows baked/custom eases, tween engines, and procedural animations.
Are a quick learner who is driven to improve.


Background in 3D modelling software (Cinema 4D, Blender, Autodesk Maya).
Are skilled with motion design software (After Effects, Flash Animate) to preview animations.


Offer a work environment designed to help you develop personally & grow in your job.
Give you the chance to work in a team & achieve strategic goals.
Make sure the office atmosphere is focused but pleasant with events like monthly discovery lunches.
Offer a salary in line with experience and commitment.


Immersive Media


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