You produce and manage all content, running a tight ship. Quality control of both written word and aesthetics is a natural reflex to you, and you have a built-in clock that ensures you’re never late. Your goal? Simple: driving up conversion. But not to worry: you’re not alone. There's a whole team of in-house experts cheering for you. Lean on them as much as you like and keep in mind a mistake never killed anybody. Well maybe it did. But we won't let that happen.


As you are our main medium of communication, it’s of utmost importance you are good at it. That means talking but also, and mainly, writing. Words are your matter.

You feed yourself with industry-related information, in-house developments and innovation and mold these into blogs, whitepapers, articles, social media posts and anything else that can carry words out into the world. You do all of this backed by a home-made content calendar that would make a senior marketeer drool.

Minimalism is cool, but a little design is cool too. You have a basic knowledge of all tools necessary to make your words look pretty. We can’t have you sending Comic Sans into cyberspace. Your tone of voice will match our look and feel, and you, you’ll invent, produce and protect the latter with your life if you have to.

You are the final check for all communication leaving the building. Consistency is key, quality a must.


You have 2 to 3 years of relevant experience.
You can show us a portfolio that speaks for itself.
You are fluent in both English and Dutch, both written and spoken.
Your design skills are a plus.
You are a proactive perfectionist that cannot help but be on top of things.
You are curious by nature. Technology, the future, society... You want to understand it all.


We pledge to do everything in our power so our team can work at the top of their abilities. We give you all the chances you need: the training, the set-up, the colleagues, the moneys and the perks.

To help you connect and manifest yourself to the fullest, we organise discovery lunches, virtual tours, weekly team meetings, annual offsites.

We think you should save that commuting energy for thinking and talking—a mantra Mother Earth would surely appreciate. Work and meet from home, wherever that may be, but always share yourself with the team.


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