Head of 3D

Your background
  • You have 5 years of relevant experience.

  • You master VFX & CG techniques

  • You have proven experience using 3D software in a production environment

  • You’re used to guiding production from A-Z: from concept to storyboarding and creating.

  • You have a strong understanding of light (matching real-world scenarios and setting up CG lighting), color and composition, modeling, and texturing.

Your role

As a Senior 3D Artist, you have a clear design vision and signature, but love to shape clients’ dreams. Standing firmly on two legs—design and technology—you imagine, shape and model any dream they might have. You're a good listener, able to translate clients’ needs into a 3D project, and you run a tight ship when it comes to rolling out the project. You do art direction and planning, presenting and design, bridging in-house production and external needs like a boss. You seamlessly merge creativity with commercial flair. You’re basically perfect.

A minimum of five years experience in 3D design and animation is non-negotiable as is a love for all things virtual. You’ve had your eyes on a career update for quite some time, so it’s time to build your own team. You function well in that team and love the peace and quiet of a remote working culture just as much.

What we offer

We pledge to do everything in our power so our team can work at the top of their abilities. We give you all the chances you need: the training, the set-up, the colleagues, the moneys and the perks. 

To help you connect and manifest yourself to the fullest, we organise discovery lunches, virtual tours, weekly team meetings, annual offsites. 

We think you should save that commuting energy for thinking and talking—a mantra Mother Earth would surely appreciate. Work and meet from home, wherever that may be, but always share yourself with the team.