Your background
  • You have at least five years of experience in the creative media industry. We don’t have the time to teach you the basics.

  • The basics being sales. Something you are very good at and can even prove to us. Not that we’re suspicious. We just like numbers, reports and targets.

  • To sell it, you have to get it. And you get it. Virtual, augmented reality, the metaverse or digital immersive experiences feel as familiar as season 7 of Friends ‘The one with Chandler and Monica’s wedding’.

  • Together with the team, you can tinker solutions that really show yondr’s added value to leads. You can make them feel the potential. And that's very valuable.

  • You can pitch, present and communicate without trembling. Hell, you even like it. Weird person.

  • You network like a madman and sign up for every relevant event.

  • A team is fine, and you’ll find it when you need support, but you are a solo flyer. Working independently is your happy place.

  • Your English is (very) good, and your vocabulary is rich. Richer than ordering food.

  • Where you live doesn’t really interest us, as long as you travel to the HQ once in a while to check in and report on your successes.

Your role

It started with three friends and a passion for all things immersive, today, it's spiraling out of control. OUT OF CONTROL, I TELL YOU! We’re building virtual worlds & digital experiences for the biggest brands, our idols come asking for our advice, and while the world was in lockdown, we kept on growing, bursting with plans and passion.

This is all very nice, of course, we’re not complaining, we just need an extra pair of hands. A Business Developer would be nice. One that sells virtual and augmented reality projects as if they were Tomorrowland tickets. A Bus Dev that doesn’t mind shaping the future of the metaverse while getting his/her/their hands dirty in this universe. That would be nice.

The things you do
  • You develop and execute a sales strategy for yondr

  • You can find, smell and detect new business opportunities from afar. Or you create them yourself.

  • Because of you, yondr is top of mind with every potential customer. And even better, we stay there until you make them sign.

  • The thought leadership we already established around all things virtual and metaverse will be carried out and enforced by you.

  • Our customers have you on speed dial, and you support them accordingly.

  • You and marketing make for a golden duo, like peanut butter and jelly. 

  • The industry has no secrets for you, every trend is picked up or predicted.

  • The sales targets don’t scare you, but get you out of bed in the morning.

What we offer

We pledge to do everything in our power so our team can work at the top of their abilities. We give you all the chances you need: the training, the set-up, the colleagues, the moneys and the perks. Also, the objective to become one of Europe’s finest in terms of immersive media content production. 

To help you connect and manifest yourself to the fullest, we organize weekly team meetings, monthly discovery lunches and annual team off sites. 

We think you should save the commuting energy for thinking and talking – a mantra Mother Earth would surely appreciate. Work and meet from home, wherever that may be, but always share yourself with the team.